Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to select all contents of a box

I have got a comment from a user:
I prefer the old form of the converter. With the new one, I'm finding that I need to trim extra spaces from the beginning and end of my converted text. Also, if I click in the box with the text I want and press control-A, the selection is not just the contents of the box I've clicked in, but all the boxes, so that's not as easy to use. Thanks for providing a useful tool!
I am going to add an button on settings section to remove leading and training extra tabs and white spaces soon. Like other buttons, your browser will keep the setting and you do not need to set it every time you are using the converter. To select contents of a box, all you need is to click edit icon on the panel:


  1. You should move the convert button to the bottom left instead of bottom right. I keep your site up as a tab all day since i have to convert a lot of text at my job.

    I click at the top left of my screen to get to your tab.
    I click middle left of my screen to paste text.
    I click bottom right to convert.
    I click bottom left to start copying.

    If the button was on the bottom left, it would be one smooth motion. Down the screen instead of jerking over to the right.

    Just my input. I'm sure other people's results vary, but i'm sticking with the old site just because the mouse motion is much more fluid for something i do 50+ times a day.

    Thanks for the great site!

    1. Actually, what you are saying makes sense a lot to me. I am going to change both themes and move Convert button to the left side.

      Thank you very much for sharing your great idea with me.