Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New theme: White

A new theme is added to the site. Here is a snap shot:

 You can switch to this new theme by clicking on button white in settings section theme on the navigation bar:

 Let me know how the new theme looks. :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Where is the camel case?

The new website looks very good and more user-friendly, but could you also add the rest of the fields (shortened, camel case, password)? Also, when copy-pasting rows of text from an excel file, the converted result excludes spaces, it doesn't preserve row order as on the old website. I found it very useful that on the old website I could convert more rows at a time without obtaining a compact block of text in the end, so could we also have this option? I appreciate very much the button that does text selection, as it was a bit difficult to select the whole converted text on the old website. Keep up the good work!
Please click on settings button:
then scroll down to view the settings:
Click conversions that you would like. Please note that settings will be kept until you modify them. This is done by cookies.
About preserving row orders as on the old website, I do not see any difference between two versions. Would you please explain more? I am sure it can be added to the new version too.

How to select all contents of a box

I have got a comment from a user:
I prefer the old form of the converter. With the new one, I'm finding that I need to trim extra spaces from the beginning and end of my converted text. Also, if I click in the box with the text I want and press control-A, the selection is not just the contents of the box I've clicked in, but all the boxes, so that's not as easy to use. Thanks for providing a useful tool!
I am going to add an button on settings section to remove leading and training extra tabs and white spaces soon. Like other buttons, your browser will keep the setting and you do not need to set it every time you are using the converter. To select contents of a box, all you need is to click edit icon on the panel: